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Board of the Saco-S Council

At its annual meeting in May, the Saco-S Council at Lund University elects a board responsible for day-to-day operations. The Management Board shall reflect the composition of the membership group. The Board consists of nine members and two deputies. The board can then co-opt people to the meetings. The Board plus co-opted members meet weekly to discuss and plan the negotiation work.

Saco-S Council Board 2023/2024

Chairman: Adam Brenthel (SULF)

Vice Chairman: Marie Hoen (DIK and SULF)


Jaro Ankerst (Swedish Medical Association)

Fredrik Edman (Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers and SULF)

Björn Frostner (Akademikerförbundet SSR and SULF)

Ann-Sofie Klareld (DIK)

Eva Norström (Swedish Medical Association)

Alexander Nymark (SRAT)

Agneta SanMartin (Naturvetarna)


Lars-Åke Löv (SULF)

Charlotte Marklund (Akavia)

Published: 2023-09-06

Updated: 2023-09-06

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