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About us

Saco-S (The Swedish Confederation of Profession Associations) is the joint negotiation organisation for all Saco-S unions within the state sector.

The Saco-S council at Umeå university (UMU) is the umbrella organization for all 18 unions that are a member of Saco-S. All Saco-S unions are entitled to representation in the Saco-S council, however not all unions utilise this right and therefore do not have a representative for their union within the Saco-S council. The Saco-S council at UMU has a Board of Representatives that has as one of their main tasks to appoint ombudsman for each of the faculties at Umeå University. The Saco-S council is the union partner in all negotiations with the employer (the leadership of UMU) and represents all Saco-S members at UMU.

SULF is the largest of the Saco-S unions at UMU, making it the so-called contact-union. The contact-union is responsible for providing advice, information and support in negotiations with the employer. SULF organizes and offers training in union matters for elected union officials within Saco-S at UMU.

The local Saco-S website is to assist all members of a Saco-S union at UMU to find the appropriate help for union-related questions. The first step in seeking help is to turn to the local union ombudsman or workplace representative at your department or unit.

Published: 2021-04-28

Updated: 2024-04-22

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