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Work environment representative

The work environment representative (AMO) at a department/unit at Umeå University (UMU) represents all employees and coworkers, regardless of their type of contract and regardless of whether they are a member of a union. All those who have been assigned work tasks, even students in some cases, at the department/unit are represented by the AMOs in their work to monitor and improve the work environment at their department/unit.

All departments/units must have at least one AMO and a substitute. The candidate(s) must be a member of one of the unions at UMU that have the right to enter into collective agreements with the employer (UMU) – OFR/S, Saco-S or Seko. The local unions appoint all AMOs at UMU.

The term for AMOs is three years. The current period is 1 March 2023 – 28 February 2026. This is a fixed term for all AMO, regardless of whether the work environment representative started their term of office after 1 March 2023.

You can find more information about the work with the work environment at UMU intraweb Aurora (Work Environment). You can find information about who are AMO at UMU at the Swedish Aurora under Arbetsmiljöombud och arbetsmiljökommitté.

Read more about efforts for the work environment at UMU in the Local Collective Agreement on Cooperation for Development at Umeå University especially appendices 3 and 6, on the swedish website under Lokala avtal (only in Swedish).

Nomination of AMO

The employees at the department/unit carry out a so-called Nomination election to find a work environment representative. The employer (leadership of department/unit) should not be involved in the nomination process, however, they send in the completed forms after having been informed about who has been nominated.

The nominated person must be employed at UMU and be a member of one of the unions at UMU – OFR/S, Saco-S, Seko, and can not hold a leadership position e.g. Prefect/Head of department, Director of studies, Unit manager/Head of unit etc.

The Nomination form must be sent to the unions at UMU, who will verify the information in the form. It is the relevant union that formally appoints the work environment representatives (after the Nomination election at the department/unit) and reports the names of the workplace representatives to UMU leadership.

The term of office is 2023-03-01--2026-02-28.

Download Form for nomination of work environment representative 2023-2026 (in Swedish)
Published: 2024-04-22

Updated: 2024-04-22

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