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Akademikerföreningen at Knowit in Stockholm represents members in the workplace and gives you and your colleagues increase2,d influence over important issues such as reorganisations, the annual "lönerörelse and managerial appointments.

In order to register with Akademikerföreningen at Knowit in Stockholm, you need to a member of one of the Saco associations and employed by a company in the Knowit Group with a collective agreement.

Please note that Unionen is not a SACO association.

Pleasse use the link below to our intranet to email All "förtroendemän" and attach the following information:

  • Your Social Security number ("personnummer")
  • Which of the Saco associations are you a member of
  • Which of the companies with a collective agreement are you employed in, and when you where/will be employed.

Send e-mail to All "förtroendemän".

Companies within Knowit in Stockholm with a TechSverige collective agreement

Knowit AB
Knowit Connectivity AB
Knowit Connectivity Group AB
Knowit Digital Management AB
Knowit Experience Stockholm AB
Knowit Group Functions AB
Knowit Insight Accelerate AB
Knowit Insight Health AB
Knowit Cybersecurity & Law AB
Knowit Secure Solutions AB
Knowit Solutions Cloud & Code AB
Knowit Solutions Stockholm AB
Knowit Test Solutions AB

Published: 2023-08-01

Updated: 2024-02-02

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