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Staff Appraisals

As an employee, you must have an annual performance review with your manager. The conversation is a basic prerequisite for developing your work situation and the workplace. The conversation should then form the basis for the follow-up and salary-setting conversation you will have with your manager.

The performance review is mandatory and should concern your work situation, your future work situation and development opportunities in relation to the goals and needs of the business. The performance review should be held well in advance of the start of the financial year, i.e. no later than June. During the performance appraisal, you and your manager should agree on what goals exist (continue with existing goals as well as set new goals), how and what should be implemented to achieve set goals and map skills needs.

When you have completed the performance appraisal, it must be documented and signed by both. What you have agreed on will form the basis for the assessment of the work effort that is made in the salary setting discussion. It is also important that the agreement is documented in the event of a change of manager. The documentation must also clearly state what is required of you in order to increase your salary.

The signed documentation from the performance review is to be regarded as a public document, so keep in mind that sensitive information should not be included in the documentation. Should you and your manager need to raise issues of e.g. private nature, rehabilitation, misconduct, this should be taken at a conversation where you appropriately keep documentation for this conversation.

Division of responsibilities

  • Head of department or equivalent – creates the conditions and space for development talks to be held and that they are carried out.
  • Manager (closest to manager) – conduct the performance review and give feedback to the head of department or equivalent
  • As an employee – you are responsible for participating in the performance review
Published: 2023-09-06

Updated: 2023-09-06

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