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About the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations Council in the city of Göteborg in english.

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations Council in the city of Göteborg is a coordinating body for the 15 Saco organisations that organise members employed by the city of Göteborg.

The Saco – council´s main task is to pursue various questions of importance to members, in areas such as the working environment, organisation and personnel policy. These are areas that are regulated in the cooperation agreement with Göteborg. Other important questions for members, such as salaries, employment agreements etc are dealt with by the individual´s union.

The Saco – council´s executive committee consists of a chairman and 13 representatives for 16 of the SACO organisations in Göteborg. The remaining organisations have a right to representation on the board but have chosen to refrain from representation.

The Saco – council executive committee usually meets once a month, and the items on the agenda are usually questions of mutual importance raised by members of the board or are questions that have been taken up by the employer. Questions of great importance are discussed by the board before being taken up in the central cooperative group (CSG).

The Saco – council´s routine work is carried out by a central office with three representatives employed in the municipality and with leave of absence from their jobs. Two of these union representatives work full time and one part time.

The Saco – council and the central office also support local union work in the many local departments , councils and municipal companies in Göteborg. This is done by arranging courses for union representatives and by giving continual information and advice to local representatives. Even financial support is given to local Saco – associations in the departments and companies in the city.

The Saco – council´s associated unions have, together, about 6000 members in 50 departments and companies in the city of Göteborg. About 2000 members are represented by a local Saco association. These local Saco associations nominate representatives to the local cooperation groups (FSG and LSG) while the central Saco – council nominates representatives where there is no local Saco association.

Publicerad: 2013-09-13

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