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Saco – for professionals

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Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, is a politically independent central non-profit organisation for 21 unions. Altogether, we have 960,000 members. Our members are university graduates and our unions represent a range of professions. Saco promotes the interests of professionals through measures that include opinion building, debate and surveys. Central issues are job security, rights, salaries, the working environment and education. Education should be rewarded!

We work towards a better worklife for our members

  • Collective agreements are of great financial significance when you retire or your income drops, for whatever reason, and are an important supplement to public social insurance. There may be a difference of several thousand krona per month for you, depending on whether or not there is a collective agreement at your workplace.
  • A collective agreement is an agreement between an employer and a union, which regulates which terms and conditions will apply at the workplace. This webpage provides more information about collective agreements and how much money your collective agreement is worth.
  • There are many benefits when it comes to working in Sweden. Make sure you're not missing out on them.