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About us

Saco-S central (the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations), is our negotiating organization for public sector professionals. Saco-S signs central agreements with the Swedish Agency for Govenment Employers as counterparty. Saco-S signs basic collective agreement such as pensions, public employment, vacation, sick leave and maternity leave.

SACO-S consists of 21 SACO unions that together represent almost 80,000 academics. As a member of a SACO union, you are covered by SACO-S 'negotiation activities. Trade union questions about salary and employment conditions are common to all government-employed academics. Therefore, the unions have joined forces and formed SACO-S. It provides an effective organization and strength for you as a member. Visit www.saco-s.se/en to find out more.

Locally at SLU, we have our SACO-S association, whose board is your information channel, conversation partner and those who speak for you in all matters that have to do with your work and employment and cooperate with the unions.

The board consists of i.a. of representatives from SLU's four main campus as well as all faculties and the administration.

At the department or equivalent, there are contact persons who are close to you. More to read about who to contact at SLU can be found on the contact page. A general rule is that your first contact with us should be with the contact person at your department or with the local representative who applies to your place.

Negotiations take place locally; -in front of employment, -in the event of a shortage of work, -comprehensive salary revision down to the individual level, -in the case of work environment issues, -in the establishment of various local agreements and -if much more ....

We always ensure that you are treated correctly under employment law as an employee at SLU.

The contact association at SLU is currently Swedish Association of Professional Scientists (Naturvetarna). The contact union is the SACO union that has the most members with the employer.

“Naturvetarna” handles the contact between Saco-S centrally and locally and provides support and help to the union work at SLU.

Unity is strength. Within Saco-S, all Saco unions cooperate according to the principle of equal treatment and all members of one of Saco-S 'member unions automatically become members of SACO-S at SLU.

If you are not already a member of any of Saco-S's affiliates, we hope you apply for membership.

Published: 2021-09-23

Updated: 2024-02-03

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