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You can only benefit from becoming a member of a Saco-S union

Work is a big part of your life. You spend most of your waking time at work - that you should thrive there and be able to do a good job is fundamental. However, someone is needed who monitors that working conditions are good and works to develop working life. We will do that!

Saco-S is an association of 21 Saco unions and negotiates collective agreements for government-employed academics. Together, Saco-S represents almost 90,000 academics. You who are a member of one of Saco-S 'member unions and work as s government employee.are covered by Saco-S's negotiation activities. The S in Saco-S stands for government employee.
We at Saco-S SLU treat everyone equally, if you are a member of any union, it does not matter to us for the activities at SLU.

Our mission is to create good conditions for you who are academics, that you should have good conditions at work simply.
The more we are - the more impact we get and then your everyday life will be much better.

Published: 2021-10-29

Updated: 2024-02-03

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