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Why join the union?

In Sweden, around 70 per cent of all employees are members of a union. Being a member of one of Saco’s 21 unions has many benefits. For example, you get security through collective agreements, income insurance, personal advisory services and Sweden’s best salary statistics.

Ten reasons for becoming a member:

  1. Individual support and advice (CV, employment interviews, coaching, mentor, etc.)
  2. Cheap a-kassa (unemployment insurance) - www.aea.se
  3. Income insurance – extra money if you are out of work
  4. Sweden's best salary statistics - Saco Lönesök
  5. Membership offers and benefits
  6. Interesting seminars and networking
  7. Pension and insurance policies with beneficial terms and conditions
  8. Advisory services for managers
  9. Support when working overseas
  10. Guidance throughout your career

It is the strength of the collective that allows you to access individual benefits negotiated by Saco and Saco's unions. This is why you contribute to strengthening employment conditions on the Swedish labour market by joining a Saco union.

Each union builds its activities on the basis of its members' specific needs. The unions are experts in their members' professions and employment conditions. This is why members can be offered individual support that is adapted to each situation, education and experience.

Published: 2015-12-30

Updated: 2022-01-17

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