Swedish Association of Architects

The Swedish Association of Architects (Sveriges Arkitekter) is the professional association, union and interest group for Sweden’s architects, interior architects, landscape architects and spatial planners. The Association has over 11.000 members.

The Swedish Association of Architects keeps members updated on important matters related to their work. We work to ensure a good working situation for architects and planners, and thereby also for architecture and planning as a self-evident and central part of society.

The Swedish Association of Architects works to strengthen the role of architects through promoting greater architect participation and clearer responsibility in the planning, building and management process. We also work to increase the value ascribed to the architecture profession in terms of wages and fees. We represent our members' interests in matters relating to their duties, their terms of employment, the job market, education and training.

Members of the Swedish Association of Architects can also join ArkitektService, our service company for architect firms. With over 800 member companies, ArkitektService provides tailor-made services and a unique joint information and advice channel. Members of ArkitektService have access to benefits including legal representation, courses and good-value architects' insurance.

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