Swedish Medical Association

Swedish Medical Association (Läkarförbundet) is a union and professional organization with significant influence, and a union that decision-makers and the media pay attention to. Our strength lies in the fact that more than 80 percent of Sweden’s doctors are members. Such unity makes it easier for the profession to achieve its aims.

As a union, Swedish Medical Association focuses on wages and working conditions. However, issues relating to the organization of healthcare and the work of doctors are equally important. In other words, as well as being the doctors' union, the SMA is also a professional association which works to strengthen the status of doctors within the healthcare system and to improve healthcare in general.

The association cooperates widely with the medical profession internationally.

For individuals, being a member of Swedish Medical Association provides security. Members have access to personal advice from the association's lawyers and advisors. Advice can be sought on matters relating to salary and terms of employment, career, labour law and healthcare law.

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