The Swedish Pharmacists Association

Sveriges Farmaceuter, The Swedish Pharmacists Association, is a trade union for university graduates in pharmacy, founded in 1903 with around 7100 members. We aim to ensure that you are secure in your employment and able to develop in your professional life. As a professional association, we are experts on the competence, skills and labour market for pharmacists.

Pharmacists are involved in every stage of medicine development and use, from the idea and research, via manufacture and control, to distribution and provision of information related to the medicine. In addition to our full members, we have around 800 student members. This gives us a good insight into the work of pharmacists, education and into labour relations as well as the political terrain.

We work to achieve:

  • A larger number of employers in the retail pharmacy market.
  • More pharmacists running their own businesses.
  • The continued status of the pharmaceutical industry as one of Sweden's most important export industries.
  • For pharmacists to be employed in the healthcare system in greater numbers.

If you have an undergraduate degree in Pharmacy, a Swedish Magister degree in Pharmacy or are a 'Receptarie Kandidat' or 'Farmacie Kandidat', you may join Sveriges Farmaceuter. Membership can also be granted to those who have another form of higher education qualification worth 180 ECTS credits or more if the course of study includes core pharmaceutical subjects such as galenics, pharmacotherapy and/or medicinal chemistry. in english

Vasagatan 48

Box 3215

103 64 Stockholm