Swedish Psychological Association

Swedish Psychological Association (Sveriges Psykologförbund) is the union and professional organization for the country’s psychologists. The association focuses primarily on members’ wages and terms of employment. It also works with questions related to psychologists’ work in society, professional ethics, legal matters, education and research.

Sveriges Psykologförbund was founded in 1955 and currently has 12,000 members. The association also publishes a magazine, Psykologtidningen, with 8 editions per year. As well as containing information on union-related matters, the magazine includes articles about current research, new literature, treatments and new working methods in the field of psychology.


  • To ensure good terms and conditions.
  • To make psychologists and psychological expertise accessible.
  • To promote the development of psychology as a science and as a practice.


Applicants for membership of Sveriges Psykologförbund must have fulfilled at least one of the following criteria:

  • Hold a licence to practice as a psychologist.
  • Hold a degree in psychology.
  • Hold a doctorate in psychology or educational science.
  • Ongoing studies in psychology at a Swedish university.
  • Ongoing studies in psychology at a foreign university, where the course is judged to be equivalent to a Swedish psychology degree course.

Vasagatan 48

Box 3287

103 65 Stockholm