The Church’s Graduate Association

The Church’s Graduate Association (Kyrkans Akademikerförbund) is one of many unions. What sets us apart is our knowledge of the Church of Sweden.

Our mission:

To promote the work of the Church through caring for our members interests and rights, from a trade union perspective.

We organize priests, deacons, parish educators and other people who hold positions within the Church of Sweden that usually require at least 3-years higher education. People studying at university level who intend to enter into the service of the church are also welcome as members. The union currently has around 5,600 members. Ninety percent of priests in the Church of Sweden are members, as are the majority of deacons and a large number of those with teaching positions. This puts us in a position of strength in negotiations.

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Phone: 08-441 85 60

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Mariedalsvägen 4, Stadshagen

Box 300 78

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