The DIK Association

The DIK Association (DIK) is the union for graduates who work in the culture and communications fields. There are plenty of reasons to join DIK.


You will hopefully never come into conflict with your employer. But if you should, we will be there to support you. If you need advice or someone to represent you in a legal conflict related to your employment, we are just a phone call away.


DIK knows all about the key issues affecting your profession, your education and the job market. We use this knowledge in negotiations with employers and in forming opinion not only among employers, but also among politicians and other decision-makers.


DIK gives you influence. DIK is a strong representative in negotiations regarding your workplace. We sign collective bargaining agreements that always give better terms than those set out in law.

DIK's members' hotline

DIK's officials and legal advisors look out for your interests and stand up for your rights. The members' hotline gives you answers to questions regarding pay, terms of employment and your general employment situation.

DIK's career service

DIK's team of professional career coaches are there to be your sounding board, to help you make the most of your career opportunities and to advise you when you want to change jobs or develop your professional skills.

DIK's income insurance

The more you earn, the worse the effects of short-term unemployment can be. DIK's income insurance gives you the chance to receive 80 percent of your previous income, up to a maximum of 50,000 kronor per month, for up to 120 days.*

*Terms and conditions apply. See (in Swedish)

Examples of professions represented by DIK:

Antiquarians, archaeologists, archivists, art directors, building conservationists, copywriters, librarians, ethnologists, editors, arts and crafts advisors, information systems specialists, information architects, information officers, curators, communications strategists, communicator, conservationists, art historians, cultural officers, speech therapists, marketers, museum educators, press secretaries, project leaders, theatre advisors, sign language interpreters, interpreters, education advisors, exhibition producers, web editors, translators. in English

Bondegatan 21

116 33 Stockholm