The Swedish Veterinary Association (SVF)

Swedish Veterinary Association is an association of veterinarians and veterinary students. The Association is an association for veterinarians, contributing to the development of the veterinary art and veterinary sciences, and defend the Confederates social and economic interests.

Why join?

  • To participate in the development of veterinary medicine in society.
  • To promote and protect your own social and financial interests.


  • The further development of the veterinary profession and the promotion of developments in veterinary medicine.
  • Increased awareness among the public and politicians of the importance of veterinary medicine for the health and well-being of humans as well as animals.
  • Good animal health and animal protection in all situations in which animals are kept.
  • Ethically sound food production, in which the natural needs of animals are taken into account.

Membership requirements:

To be a veterinarian or a veterinary student.


Phone: 08-545 558 20

Fax: 08-545 558 39

Kungsholms Hamnplan 7

Box 127 09

112 94 Stockholm