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Webinar series by Saco-S for members at SLU

Saco-S SLU together with Naturvetarna and SULF provide current webinars in 2024.

The idea is to offer short webinars on current topics.

The occasions are planned for 45 minutes each time and provide a presentation and opportunities for questions. The times in the table below are preliminary and an invitation will be sent before each occasion.

  • Terms and conditions as a postdoc - rights and obligations
    2024-02-15 13:00  in English

  • Working environment
    2024-04-17 13:00  på svenska

  • Employee and salary setting talks. Possibilities for the individual to influence the salary
    2024-09-11 13:00  på svenska
    2024-09-12 14:00  in English

  • Teacher exemption & Intellectual property rights 
    2024-11-13 13:00  på svenska

Connect to the Zoom meetings:
Meeting ID: 512 646 0533
No password required.

Published: 2024-02-03

Updated: 2024-03-14

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