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"Civilingenjörer, Civilekonomer and other University graduates at AB Scania-Vabis"

On May 25 1955 a meeting was held, probably the first one, with 27 engineers from AB Scania-Vabis present. An interim board consisting of Folke Karlsson, Evald Nivaeus and Sven Rydén were presumably elected at this event. During the following association gathering they presented proposed statutes and preliminary guidelines for the CF association at AB Scania Vabis on October 6 1955 at the Stadshotellet in Södertälje. Those invited were "Civilingenjörer, Civilekonomer and other university graduates at AB Scania-Vabis", the idea of an association for all university graduates at the company has been there since the start. The first annual meeting was hel on March 23 1956 when the first statutes were agreed upon and the association’s name was declared, Scania-Vabis' Akademiker (SVA).

A big difference from today is that the association was not connected to other associations. E.g. an inquiry from Sveriges Civilingenjörsförbund was declined with reference to the associations statutes. The reason was most probably due to the associations’ members belonged to different trade unions which lacked central coordination at the time.

Invitations, meeting notes, statutes, members register and other documentation from the establishment of AF are saved and available for reading upon request.


Published: 2020-02-20

Updated: 2020-02-20

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