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The Board

The board members of Akademikerföreningen at Scania. The board is elected for one year at a time.

Lisa Lorentzon

Email: lisa.lorentzon@scania.com
Tel: +46762091102

Christina Widén

Vice Chairperson
Email: christina.widen@scania.com
Tel: +46707209210

Emma Collin

Board member
Email: emma.collin@scania.com
Tel: +46700883749

Lovisa Appelberg

Board member
Email: lovisa.appelberg@scania.com
Tel: +46739501796

Bettina Kylefors

Board member
Email: bettina.kylefors@scania.com
Tel: +46707520884

Jonas Hävner

Board member
Email: jonas.havner@scania.com
Tel: +46701653700

Rickard Ångman

Board member
Email: rickard.angman@scania.com
Tel: +46703283909

Magnus Ramstedt

Board member
Email: magnus.ramstedt@scania.com
Tel: +46700860552

Sateesh Nataraj

Board member
Email: sateesh.nataraj@scania.com
Tel: +46700827249

Thérèse Hellichius

Board member
Email: therese.hellichius@scania.com
Tel: +46700869371

Published: 2023-01-31

Updated: 2024-02-05

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