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Providing good conditions for continuous skills and career development maintains both the employees’ attractiveness in the labour market and the company’s profitability.

Prerequisite for continuous competence development

There must be prerequisites for competence development within regular working hours. A target for time set aside for development must be set and followed up, both per employee and on overall company level.

Development plans must be documented continuously and become less dependent on organisational changes and changes in management.

Clearer career paths

The next step in your career, how the process works, and requirements to get there must be clear and followed up. Managers and employees share responsibility for the individual’s career development, and steps within and between career paths should be encouraged.

Career paths for all areas of activity must be described. Employees should be aware of how their position is classified in relation to other positions. The classification of vacant positions must be stated in the ad. Career opportunities within the Group must be widely known.

Competence development linked to the company’s competence needs

Future competence needs in the business and connection to the company’s strategic goals must be communicated. Relevant competence development must be offered throughout the career. Exchange of knowledge between colleagues must be facilitated, encouraged and valued.

In sustainability and digital technology, such as AI, a general increase in skills must be made possible for all employees.

Career and competence counselling

Support for career and competence development must be offered in line with company’s needs, to take advantage of employees’ competence and willingness to stay and develop within the company. 

Published: 2021-02-19

Updated: 2024-02-19

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