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Leadership should create the conditions for a good work environment and development. Expectations of leaders must be sustainable and provide scope for good leadership.

Increased appreciation of good leadership

The company must work for a culture that encourages and provides opportunities for inclusive and adapted leadership – regardless of whether it is in the line or in the flow landscape. Leadership at all levels shall be permeated by Scania and TRATON’s core values and thereby work for the individual’s best opportunity to develop and perform.

Leaders who create psychological safety and give employees the conditions to develop must be rewarded.

Prerequisites for sustainable leadership

Administrative tasks must be limited to allow for good leadership and a healthy workload. Administrative systems must be user-friendly and there should be support, for example in the form of AI, to facilitate.

Group sizes must be manageable, to allow for frequent conversations with team members. There must be time and budget for group development, regardless of whether it is in the line or in the flow landscape, such as VCT.

Responsibilities and authority must be clear to facilitate collaboration between different leadership roles in the line and flow landscape.

Support for leaders

Mentorship and networks must be available to all leaders. It’s important to have access to a platform for trusting dialogue about leadership challenges.

New leaders must receive an introduction that supports them to succeed. For the day-to-day tasks, but also for strategic direction and to achieve a well-functioning team. 

Published: 2021-02-19

Updated: 2024-02-19

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