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Work environment

To be able to perform and feel good, in the short and long term, a good work environment is required. The psychosocial and physical work environment are equally important, regardless of where the work is carried out.

A health-promoting working life

Employees must be involved in a dialogue about the balance between expectations, resources and priorities and have the opportunity to influence their situation. This is particularly important in the transformation journey that the company is undergoing.

The active work to promote psychosocial health must be prioritised and work with psychological safety in working groups must be encouraged. Based on the work tasks, there must be flexibility in time and place, in order to promote a healthy working life. There must be an opportunity for recovery during the working day.

Suitable workplaces

The choice of workplace must be made through dialogue in which work activity, expectations as well as the needs of the business and the individual are taken into account.

The office environments must provide added value and be adapted to the business being conducted. Office equipment must be ergonomically designed with the possibility of adjustment according to the individual’s needs. The office’s climate impact must be reduced. Employee influence in the design and implementation of new office solutions must increase. Continuous evaluation is a prerequisite for a good work environment.

Better digital conditions

The digital work environment must facilitate and inspire to creativity, which requires user-friendly IT environments at the forefront. 

Published: 2021-02-19

Updated: 2024-02-19

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