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Increase your salary

Do you want to increase your salary? Then start talking about it, don't wait until the next salary review. Always raise the salary in connection with a promotion - before you have accepted. It is difficult to come up with a salary claim afterwards. Negotiate both as you move up a career path and as you move sideways. Increased responsibility and more complex work tasks within a position must also provide a salary raise.

Annual recurring salary review

To increase your salary, it is important to have a dialogue with your manager over time about your performance and what it is worth to the company. If your manager indicates over the year that you are at a certain level, this level must agree with the level you receive at the performance assessment discussion in connection with the salary revision process.

The salary revision markup percentage varies each year and usually has the format below, where the X-axis is "Performance assessment" and the Y-axis is "Internal relative salary position".

Development paths/career levels

When you take a career step (I.e. Professional 1 to Professional 2), you must request an increase in salary before accepting the new position. Normal salary increase for taking a career step is recommended to be around 5-10%. How big the increase will be depending on how your salary relates to your new position in the salary structure. 

Broadening Increase

To encourage cross-functional experiences, broadening increase should be given to employees who switch to another area of the same level of complexity. The broadening increase applies to employees who have had a previous role for 2 years or more. The salary increase is recommended to be around 1-5%. 

When changing position, you must of course take your career/JA level with you (e.g. Professional 2) and not accept going down in the career level. 

Market salary rate

When the company feels that it is difficult to recruit or retain skills, a market salary review is carried out. The manager decides who gets an increased salary based on the company's identified needs. 

Published: 2023-03-13

Updated: 2023-03-13

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