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Working from home has made academics more sedentary. At the same time, balance between work, movement and recovery is a prerequisite for a sustainable working life. In the initiative "STRONGER together" we help each other to increase our physical activity.

In the "STRONGER together" competition, AF asked for your best tips for physical activity together with otherss in everyday life. From just over 100 entries, three winners were chosen.

Jill Ahlberg.png "Give an assignment to everyone who wants to join, to take a walk and look for something specific, for example a yellow mailbox. Everyone then shares the image in a chat thread, e.g. via WhatsApp."
Jill Ahlberg
Frida KjellsdotterTor Wereen.png
"Health challenges - we have a superb health inspirer in my group who organizes small competitions. There, everyone has the chance to collect points on their own terms. It has had an enormous effect and contributed to a wonderful atmosphere together as well. Examples of activities were, walk 10000 steps in a day, eat a meal outside (not on your own property), cook outside (not on your own property), Yoga (at least 30 minutes), etc."
Frida Kjellsdotter

"Schedule walk-in meetings with others and use the camera feature to share. It’s nice for everyone."
Tor Wereén


Here you find all submitted contributions. Get inspired!


Tobias Olli.JPG

Questions to health inspirer Tobias Olli

What are your best tips for incorporating more physical activity into everyday life, for those who want to get started?

  • Commute to work by bicycle, if possible.
  • Take a lunchtime walk with your colleagues and you will get fresh air and light at the same time.
  • Challenge your colleagues with step competitions, which also trigger evening walks.
  • Pack your clothes and prepare tomorrow’s work out session the night before, minimize the number of obstacles.
Published: 2023-05-02

Updated: 2023-05-02

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