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Newsletter June -20

Summer Greeting and about salaries and the salary setting process

The academic year 2019-2020 is over and from the local Saco-S association at Linnaeus University we wish all our members a really nice and well-deserved holiday. But before we disappear into our respective vacancies, we want to give some short information on wages and the salary setting process.

For the fourth time, salary-based talks have been conducted with virtually all Saco-S members at Lnu and according to the schedule in the agreement that exists between the employer and the Saco-S Association, the nearest manager has until August to finish their salary setting. In September, according to the timetable, collective bargaining will be conducted for those members who reject the employer's proposal for a new salary.

If you receive a proposal for a new salary that you are doubtful about, you can contact the Saco-S Association's salary negotiating delegation. Contact either Jan Andersson (jan.andersson@lnu.se), Karina Petersson (karina.petersson@lnu.se) or Gunilla Gunnarsson (gunilla.gunnarsson@lnu.se). In the case of you refusing the employer's proposal for a new salary, it is particularly important that you contact one of the above. If you do not accept the employer 's proposal for a new salary, your salary will be determined in collective bargaining. Before we go into the collective bargaining, it is important that Saco-S has information on the most important arguments why you have refused the employer’s proposal and why you consider your salary to be incorrect. Based on the University's salary policy and salary criteria, we need to have a good picture of your responsibilities and your performance for the revision period for the 2019 salary review - namely the period 2018-10-01 - 2019-09-30. Below is a link to the agreement that applies for the 2019 salary setting process. A timetable is on the second page of the document.

Överenskommelse lönesättningsprocess 2019

The fact that the salary setting process has been delayed is mainly due to the fact that the previous year's process was significantly delayed for reasons that we have described in previous newsletters. After the holidays, the Saco-S Association will carry out an evaluation of the salary setting process, which we see as an important basis in our discussions with the employer on future salary reviews. We intend to report the results of this evaluation to our members during the autumn. During the past year, the employer has formed a "salary council" in order to work more strategically with salary setting. Together with the employer, we have started work on developing an action plan to achieve improvements in salary setting at the university. Salaries for doctoral students and employees who are paid by the hour are usually adjusted from 1 January each year and negotiations for the new salaries that apply from 1 January 2020 were concluded at the beginning of June.

Do you have questions you want to raise with us or do you want to join the union or work as a safety representative – please contact any of us on the board.

With best wishes for a beautiful summer!

Jan Andersson and Gunilla Gunnarsson – and the rest of the board of the Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University

Published: 2020-06-22

Updated: 2020-06-22

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