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Laws & agreements

In the labor market, there are a number of laws and regulations that in various ways regulate the conditions for employees, and Saco-S signs agreements at central level with Swedish Agency for Government Employers regarding all government employees. In addition, a number of agreements are signed at the local level between the university and the local Saco-S association.

Laws and regulations

Within universities and colleges, there are a large number of laws and regulations to comply with, but also some collective agreements. These are collected on SULF's website (which is our contact association). You can reach them via the link below:

Laws, ordinances and agreements that are relevant within the university (in Swedish only)

However, the Higher Education Ordinance is also available in English

The Higher Education Ordinance (2014:1096)

Central agreements

At the central level, Saco-S signs an agreement with the Swedish Employers' Agency. These are basic collective agreements on, for example, pensions, general terms of employment, holidays, sickness compensation and parental leave. Via the link below, you can reach these agreements on Saco-S's website:

Agreements signed by Saco-S centrally (in Swedish only)

Local agreements

Via the internal website Employees, it is possible to reach various local agreements at the university. As an employee, you have access to Employees and reach the said agreement via the link below:

https://lnu.se/medarbetare/anstalld-vid-lnu/styrdokument/ (in Swedish only)

Some of the agreements above are also available in English:


A reference to some of these can be found under the heading SALARY here on the Saco-S association's website. In other respects, the most commonly used local agreements can also be found below:

Local collective agreement on working hours for teachers at Linnaeus University (in Swedish only)

Local working time agreement for technical and administrative staff at Linnaeus University (in Swedish only)

Local collective agreement on means of adjustment at Linnaeus University (in Swedish only)

Published: 2022-04-01

Updated: 2022-04-01

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