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Newsletter March -20

The transition of teaching and examination to digital forms that has taken place affects in many ways most of our members of the Saco-S Association. In connection with the rector's decision that was made in response to the Coronavirus situation, we pointed out from the Saco-S Association that it is important that the employer is aware of the employee's work situation and is prepared for a dialogue about possible solutions. Of course, there is something else in connection with the situation about Coronavirus that also affects the work situation and the working environment. For example, it becomes extra important that you clearly write down the overtime and overtime, respectively, and that you maintain a close dialogue with your manager so that it is agreed.

When it comes to work environment-related issues, the protection organization, as usual, continues its cooperation with the employer to maintain a good and safe work environment. This is done, for example, through systematic work environment work where the risks and consequences of decisions and measures are assessed and action plans drawn up.With regard to labor law information linked to the Coronavirus, Saco-S refers to the contact association that exists at the university, which for Linnaeus University is SULF. You can access this information via the link below:


Saco-S also refers to the information provided by the Employer Agency - which you can access via the link below:


Of course, it is also important that you continuously share the information shared by the university - for example at Employees or via mail from your nearest manager.


Board of Saco-S Association at Linnaeus University

Jan Andersson and Gunilla Gunnarsson (chairman and vice-chairman)

PS. If you are in another affiliate of Saco-S and wonder how they reason about this issue, you can also search for information there.

Published: 2020-03-31

Updated: 2020-05-06

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