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Newsletter November -23

This short newsletter is about the fact that the 2023 salary revision is underway and that since just over a couple of weeks there has been an agreement between the Saco-S association and the employer on how the salary setting process should be carried out, and about a short report back from the Saco association's annual meeting for just over a month ago when the election of the board took place and trade union issues are discussed with the participation of SULF's contact ombudsman.

A salary audit is now underway at the university - where new salaries are to apply retroactively from 1 October 2023. There has been an agreement between the employer and Saco-S about the salary setting process for just over a couple of weeks. For PhD students and assistants, however, there is instead the so-called PhD ladder that expires at the turn of the year 2023/2024, where work has begun on a new agreement. With regard to salary and salary setting, the Saco-S association has, with the aim of making it easier for you as a member, updated information on the website under the heading "SALARY". You can reach this information via the link below:


In October, the Saco-S association's annual meeting was held in the form of a hybrid meeting. The annual meeting was attended by Michael Svedemar, our contact ombudsman from SULF central. In connection with the annual meeting, a discussion was held on various trade union issues. The minutes from the annual meeting together with a description of the distribution of responsibilities and duties within the Saco-S association's board can be found under the heading "CONTACT" which you can reach via the link below:


Feel free to get in touch with questions and concerns about the trade union activities at the university!


The board of the Saco-S association at Linnaeus University

Jan Andersson and Gunilla Gunnarsson (chairman and vice-chairman respectively)

Published: 2023-11-22

Updated: 2023-11-22

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