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There are many reasons to join a Saco-S Association. By participating, you contribute to strengthening the employment conditions in the Swedish labor market. It is through the strength of the collective that you can gain access to the individual benefits that Saco-S and the Saco-S associations have negotiated. For example, it is about professional advice on career issues, income insurance and Sweden's best salary statistics.

Mark the link below and you will find your Saco-S association and you can become a member too.


Please note that three associations within Saco are not part of the Saco-S association. Members of the National Union of Teachers in Sweden, Swedish Association of Military Officers and the Reserve Officer´s association do NOT have the right to negotiate on behalf of the Saco-S association, unless they are also affiliated with an Saco-S association (i.e. are so-called double affiliates).

Published: 2020-05-06

Updated: 2024-03-14

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