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Keep this in mind when working from home

There are many benefits with working from home from time to time. Many people find it easier to stay focused when not surrounded by colleagues. There is time to be saved in travelling to and from work as well as costs from eating out. However, there are challenges in working from home. What do we need to consider these days when many of us will be working from home for a long time?

  • Plan carefully. Structure your workday as if you were at the office, set goals for the day. Find your own way to stay focused for a decent amount of time and don’t forget to take breaks regularly.

  • Set routines and keep to working hours. Preferably find a secluded place to work in and create a "job corner" at home. Try to separate work from leisure.

  • Remember to take breaks, drink water or a cup of coffee/tea, just like at the office (micropause). But there should also be room for longer coffee and lunch breaks. Food and recovery are just as important at home.

  • Try to get some exercise, maybe a quick walk in the morning or at lunch. Compensate for the exercise you usually get going to and from work.

  • Vary your working position by both standing and sitting as much as you can. Maybe you can have some meetings while walking?

  • Try to keep in touch with your colleagues continuously. When not meeting physically, you miss out on little things like talking in the corridor or around the coffee table. Why not try coffee breaks on digital platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangout or similar, to maintain social contacts? In times like these it is more important than ever to maintain a sense of belonging within the organization.

  • Keep in mind that remote meetings may require more preparations than a regular physical meeting. Have a clear agenda, try out technology in advance and be disciplined with the speakers list if you there are many participants. Keep digital meetings short as they are harder to stay focused in than physical meetings.

  • Keep in mind that the employer is responsible for the employees' work environment for remote work just as work in the office. Managers need to have continuous contact with their employees to ensure that the work environment is satisfactory.
Published: 2020-04-01

Updated: 2020-04-01

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