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Welcome to the Saco-S association at Högskolan Dalarna

The Saco-S association at Högskolan Dalarna organizes academics working for the State and consists of associations like the Swedish Association of University Teachers and Researchers (SULF), Sweden’s Engineers, Akavia, and DIK. Do read more below. At this page you also find the English version of the employment agreement regarding working hours for teaching staff at Dalarna university.

If you are not yet a member it is good to be a member for many reasons, such as:

- Membership means you can affect your working conditions. If you are not a member, you must for example follow collective agreements and cannot affect their content;

- You get access to income insurance which is of particular importance if you are temporarily employed. The income insurance makes it possible for you to keep most of your salary if you become involuntarily unemployed, provided that you also are a member of an unemployment fund such as AEA (a-kassa). If you for instance become unemployed, but have been a member in SULF and AEA for 12 months and have been in employment during this period, will the insurance together with the unemployment benefit make it possible for you to receive 80 percent of your salary (that is the salary reported to AEA and maximum SEK 80 000 per month) for a maximum of 150 working days. If you only have a-kassa, you can only get 80 percent of SEK 18 700 per month before taxes (during the first 200 days);

- As a member you will get higher holiday allowances than non-members. Instead of 0.44 percent per vacation day, you get 0.49 percent. If you earn SEK 25 000 / month it is about 438 SEK more than if you are an non-member and if you earn 50 000 SEK / month it is about 875 SEK;

 - You will get advice, support and help with pay negotiations. We will help you get the information you need. We are also a defense against employees ending up on the wrong pay level and against discrimination of any employee. If you are not a member of a union, you will be on your own;

 - Hopefully you will never have a conflict with your employer. But if you do, we will be on your side. If you need advice, or someone to represent you legally, we will be there; 

 - You can get help from the union. You can get your questions answered about rules and rights relating to your salary and terms and conditions of employment.

 - You can also get many extras like discounted home insurance, advantageous loans and newspaper subscriptions, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a member, you only need to mail and ask for more information, and we will tell you what to do. If you are already a member, but we don’t know about it, don’t forget to tell us! 

Best wishes,

The Saco-S association at Högskolan Dalarna, through Chairperson Michail Tonkonogi, e-mail mtn@du.se

P.S. If you want more information about Saco-S you can read more in the brochure to the right "Are you an academic graduate? Join a Saco-S association".  

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