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The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations (Saco) is a central organisation for 23 unions with focus on professions that require an academic education. Saco is organized in different sectors, and the universities belong to the government, and therefore Saco-S. Instead of every union negotiating separately, Saco-S is our representative at Lund University.

The Saco-S Council at Lund University has more than 4000 members at the university. We have representatives in most boards, committees and councils. We also conduct negotiations with the university concerning changes to the organisation or individuals work situation.

If you are a member of a union belonging to the Saco organisation, we at the local Saco-S secretariat can help you with questions or problems concerning your employment or your working situation.

Please note that in Sweden PhD students and postdocs are in most instances considered employees with full privileges as such and can therefore also join one of the Saco unions. This is also the case if you are a PhD student or postdoc on a scholarship which can be a particularly vulnerable position. Most Saco unions have reduced fees for employed PhD students, and even more reduced fees for PhD students and postdocs on scholarships. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Publicerad: 2022-10-05

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