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The Saco-S Council can help with statistics and your local situation. For support with argumentation and the negotiations in general, please contact your union.

Implementation of the salary negotiations in three steps

Step 1: Planning
The manager and employee should have an annual staff appraisal meeting. The manager must call for this meeting well in advance. In the staff appraisal meeting, which aims at the entire work situation, the manager and employee shall mutually establish an individual plan, documented in writing and signed by both parts.

This document should clearly state what is expected of each part and what the employee can do to influence the salary.

Step 2: Follow-up
The manager and employee shall continuously follow-up what has been agreed in the staff appraisal meeting. Focus should be on the work content and the goals of the organisation, based on the staff appraisal meeting agreement, and how well the work is performed. Both parts opinion should be ventilated.

Before the third step, the manager must give feedback of the work performance.

Step 3: Salary revision
Based on the dialogue that took place in step 1 and step 2, the manager must inform and motivate the new salary. Both good and less good salary developments should be well-motivated.

For employees who are members of a Saco-S union, this takes place in dialogue between the manager and employee in the salary setting meeting.

Publicerad: 2022-10-05

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