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Benefits must create added value in addition to the terms of employment. A wide range of benefits, designed based on all phases of life, means that they can be used by more employees.

Increased Wellness contribution

Employees’ wellness must be encouraged by raising the Wellness contribution to the Tax Agency’s level for tax-free employee benefits, currently SEK 5000.

Part-time pension from the age of 60 and occupational pension after the age of 65

It must be possible to reduce working hours at the age of 60 with the same conditions as for the 62+ solution (80% working hours, 90% salary and 100% paid-in occupational pension).

Extra vacation days

It must be possible to exchange vacation supplement for extra vacation days.

Benefits for commuting to work

There must be benefits linked to different modes of transport to get to work. Regardless of whether it is by bike, public transport, Scania Go etc.

Increased awareness of benefits

Information about benefits must be provided in a structured and educational way to increase awareness of what benefits are available and how they can be used.

Published: 2022-04-26

Updated: 2024-02-19

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