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Overtime copensation

If you have a managerial role, have uncontrollable working hours or freedom in the arrangement of working hours, you can waive the right to overtime compensation.

This means:

  • Five extra vacation days
  • A salary review (AF's salary statistics show that waving the right to overtime compensation corresponds to a salary increase of approx. 5–10%. Feel free to ask AF for advice before you have a dialogue about a salary review)
  • No right to travel time compensation for business trips
  • Freedom in arranging working hours
  • Still 40 hours work week on average over time
  • As a rule, no ordered overtime work

You who have waived your overtime compensation, have increased freedom in arranging your working hours. This does not mean that you have agreed on increased working hours.

In practice, you must have real and significant freedom in doing your work.

You have both responsibility and freedom to compensate for working hours that exceed 40h/week when the business allows.


Published: 2023-04-28

Updated: 2023-04-28

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