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Diversity, equityand inclusion

All employees at Scania should feel that they can be themselves in their work, with an equal opportunity to develop based on their unique abilities.

Inclusive work environment

The work on gender equality within Scania must be maintained or increased, for example through greater cooperation between different gender equality working groups and initiatives.

Active measures against discrimination and violation

Work and information to ensure awareness of violations and harassment must take place continuously and not as one-off initiatives. Knowledge of different types of discrimination (as per Discrimination Act) must increase, for example age discrimination.

Knowledge of the importance of showing civil courage as an employee and acting to secure a good working environment for everyone must increase.

Support regarding functional variations

Strategy and goals for the support structure regarding employees with different functional variations must be set and regularly followed up by the company. Awareness of functional variations must increase for better understanding and thereby creating a more inclusive environment.

Improved collaboration through intercultural exchange

Increased collaboration with other brands and countries necessitate the understanding of different cultures. There must be opportunities for cultural exchange between employees to increase the sense of belonging and improve the level of understanding in daily work.

Published: 2021-02-19

Updated: 2024-02-19

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