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Support for newcomers on the Swedish labour market

During week 38, there are three webinars aimed at those new to working life or the Swedish labour market. All are welcome, nomembership required.

New to working life (in Swedish)

Tuesday, September 19 at 12.00-12.45
Listen to a panel discussion about experiences of being new to working life. In the studio, there is an engineer and a natural scientist talking to Emma Collin, elected representative for the Association of Academics at Scania.

Friday, 22 September 12.00-12.45
A panel discussion about experiences of being new to working life. In the studio there is a personnel scientist and a communicator who talk to an elected representative with a little more experience.

New in Sweden (in English)

Thursday, 21 September 12-13
Are you new to the Swedish labour market and want to know how it works? This seminar gives you a useful overview of what an employee in Sweden needs to know. The presentation will touch upon several aspects of the Swedish labour market and social benefits related to employment. We will also discuss what is so special about trade unions in Sweden and why there are so many.

New at Scania

Thursday, September 28, 12-13
Trustees from the Union for university graduates (AF) are available for conversations and advice for those who are new at Scania and/or to the Swedish labour market. Come and talk over a Swedish coffee, or connect digitally. 
Location: Room 06 in building 117 / Teams

No pre-registration is required.
Link to the meeting 

Published: 2023-09-07

Updated: 2023-09-07

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