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Local salary revision

The conditions for local salary negotiations are stated in the central agreement entitled Ramavtal om löner m. m. för arbetstagare inom det statliga avtalsområdet (RALS 2010-T) concluded between Saco-S and the employer organization Swedish Agency for Government Employers.

Adjustment of salary between salary reviews

On some occasions, your Head of Department/manager may decide on a new salary and make a so-called salary placement (löneinplacering) according to RALS §9. It is important to distinguish between the annual salary review–which is based on your individual performance–and salary placement. Salary placement must take place outside the annual salary revision, and becomes relevant in the following examples:


  • When you change work or tasks (i.e. significant changes).
  • In the event of unjustifiable salary differences compared to colleagues with similar duties.
  • When promoted from assistant professor to associate professor, or from associate professor to professor.
  • If you have acquired a new competence (a PhD, associate professorship, etc.).
  • When returning to work after leave.
  • For special reasons (shortage or key competence).


If you believe you have the wrong salary level based on the points above, please contact your manager.


Information published by Saco-S at GU about wage negotiations can be found here.


Information about the process published by the employee can be read at Staff Portal.


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