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Saco-S council elected representatives negociate with the employer in questions regarding your and other member's occupation at the University of Gothenburg. The work of union elected representatives are regulated in Act of union representatives.

The main task of the elected representatives are to care for members employment and salary by:

  • Negociation with the employer according to Co-determination at Work Act  (MBL). These negociations can deal with changes of organization at work such  as new positions, termination of employment and transfer of staff.

  • Collective and individual negociaton of salary.

  • Negociation for individual members interest in relation to the employer.

  • Protection of members interest by participation in the university council, department assembly, central work environment committee and the faculty work environment committees.

  • Protection of members interest in occupational health service at Feelgood and Previa.
Publicerad: 2015-05-12

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