Why should I become a member of the union?


We have a large union organization at LiU. As a member in one of the Saco unions you belong to the so called Saco umbrella. This means that the union reps in Saco-S at LiU negotiate for you, both at an individual level and at a collective level. The negotiations can include everything from salary and other work conditions, to individual negotiations.

We have a salary group that participates in the “salary survey” (to see that there are objective reasons for differences in salaries). They also take care of everything else related to salaries. We have a group that help individual members when they need support towards the employer. We also have other groups that works proactively with different issues, for example one for PhD candidates:

At LiU we have a cooperative agreement which gives the union the right to discuss and influence important decisions. We have representatives in the central cooperative group (CSG) and also in the local cooperative groups at each department (LSG).

For individual issues (or questions regarding the LiU level), you can contact saco@liu.se. It can be anything related to the employment at LiU. We help all members, regardless of campus, department or union organization in Saco.