The “Green room” (Kåkenhus)

What a labours union offers you at ITN

14:30 - 15:30

The Department of science and technology (ITN), The “Green room” (The coffee room in Kåkenhus)

There are many reasons for being a member of a labour union – advice and support in various matters, income insurance, extra money if you get unemployed, guidance through your career, advice for you who are a manager, unemployment fund, exciting seminars and networks, support if you work abroad, retirement and insurances with favourable conditions and many other.

We now invite our members at ITN, to present how Saco-S works at LiU and ITN, and what we offer you!

  • How is the labour union Saco-S organized at LiU?
  • LSG/CSG – What is that?
  • Advice and support in personal concerns
  • Time for questions and discussion

Participants from Saco-S:

  • Åsa Rybo Landelius (Saco-S at LiU)
  • Joakim (LSG-ITN, Saco-S board at LiU)
  • Krzysztof Marciniak (Saco-S chairman at LiU)
  • Kjell Karlsson (Saco-S board at LiU)
  • Micael Thunberg (LSG-ITN)

“Fika” for free and of course - This meeting is held in English!

Download the complete invitaton here!


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