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The Saco-S board’s elected representatives negotiate with the employer regarding your and other members’ working environment at Linköping University. The role of union-elected representatives is regulated in the Trade Union Representatives Act.

The main task of the elected representatives is to represent members in terms of their employment and salary through:

  • Negotiation with the employer according to Co-determination at Work Act (MBL). These negotiations can deal with organizational changes such as new positions, termination of employment, and transfer of staff.
  • Collective and individual salary negotiation.
  • Negotiation for individual members' interest in relation to the employer.
  • Protection of members' interest through participation in the university board, faculty boards, academic appointments boards, LiU co-operation group, local co-operation groups at departments and similar.
  • Protection of members’ interest in occupational health services at Feelgood.
Publicerad: 2015-10-18

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