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New salary deal is signed

Saco-S and at LiU and Linköping University has recently (8-th of December) signed an agreement – based on the central deal called RALS-T - about new salaries for all those employees that are members in at least one Saco-union.

The new salaries apply from 1-st of October 2015 and will be paid retroactively 23-th of December.

You who had so called lönesättande samtal i.e. direct salary talks with your division head or department head know your new salary already. The others - those we directly negotiated for - will very soon be or already are informed about the outcome. You have always right to have a meeting with your department head (prefekt) or/and division boss (avdelningschef) in order to discuss your new salary.

Even this year we had direct negotiations with those responsible for your salary (lönesättande chefer, usually division heads or department heads) except the units that had lönesättande samtal. As usual, we negotiated the Ph.D. salaries first (we do it in lump, not on individual basis).

This year (as it was the case also the year before) our state compensates our university only to a small extent for the cost of salary increase; the rest is taken from the money that the university saved during previous years.

The statistics over this year’s revision will be published here on our new website hopefully soon after New Year.

As for the future: according to the new RALS-T agreement, after January 1, 2016 lönesättande samtal will become a standard way of negotiating salaries at Swedish universities. However, RALS-T gives us freedom to continue with the standard salary negotiations (on the whole university or at some of its units) if both parts (LiU and Saco-S) agree to do so. Our common intention is to widen the application of lönesättande samtal but also to do it gradually, to those units that ready for this. There is no reason whatsoever to believe that the whole university will go over to lönesättande samtal already 2016!

The university sets unilaterally salaries for those persons that are not in any trade union. This means that in this case the employee gets the salary that the employer thinks she/he should get. It lies therefore in the employee’s best interest to be a member of (at least one) union.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Krzysztof Marciniak

chairman Saco-S/LiU

Publicerad: 2015-12-11

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