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Salary negotiations 2020

Updated info from our salary revision group

Last updated: Tuesday, December 29, 2020

In normal circumstances the yearly salary revision for our Saco-S members would be completed in the autumn, but that is not the case, due to the on-going pandemic and the drawn-out negotiations in industry. However, now the industry negotiations are largely complete, so it is time to determine the internal negotiable range of salaries at LiU. Before doing so, Saco-S and LiU must agree on arrangements for how the negotiations will take place. We have been working on these arrangements together with the employer during the previous term and they look set to make the negotiations clearer and enable us to better review the outcome of the negotiations.

Locally Saco-S at LiU has, in discussion with the University, arrived at the conclusion that we understand it is inappropriate to carry out two separate salary negotiations at both the department and group level, where the scope for Saco-S to negotiate could be unfavorable if the University, at a later date, was forced to increase wages for OFR and SEKO members. We have therefore in agreement with the University agreed to postpone salary negotiations until both parties know the lay of the land and we can therefore best support our Saco-S members.

As of this autumn all Saco-S members will have so-called “salary-setting conversations” (lönesättande samtal) with their line manager. (However, this does not apply to the PhD students with a ’doktorand’ employment, who continue to follow the so-called ’doktorand’ salary ladder.) Most have already had them for a few years now and in the autumn IBL, IFM and some in IKOS will have them for the first time. For those members who are new to the system, additional information sessions will be held nearer the start of the negotiations.

In summary, we can say that at present it is unclear when we will begin the local salary negotiations, but it seems likely that we can start work in January. When the process does begin, we will hold the information sessions for those new to the system and, at the same time, meet all heads of department (or equivalents) for a discussion about our salary survey and the salary ranges for our members at the department (or equivalent) reviewed. Plenty of time must then be given for the “salary-setting conversations” to be carried out as intended and for the four-party talks for those who so wish. However, today everything seems to indicate that all this can be completed so that the new salaries can be paid in connection with the payment of salaries in April. But whenever it happens, your new salary will be paid retroactively from the 1st of October 2020.

For more information about how salaries are set, you can read here (in Swedish):

Salary revision group in Saco-S at LiU:

Janerik Lundquist, janerik.lundquist@liu.se
Karin Björnström-Karlsson, karin.bjornstrom.karlsson@regionostergotland.se
Eva-Lisa Holm-Granath, eva-lisa.h.granath@liu.se
Peter Hult, peter.hult@liu.se
Krzysztof Marciniak, krzysztof.marciniak@liu.se

Publicerad: 2020-12-29

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