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#PUMS Poznan University of Medical Sciences

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The University is a leading medical school in Poland and a well recognized educational, research, and clinical center located in the city of Poznan. With nearly 100 years of sound academic experience, including 25 years of teaching in English language, we strive to be the optimal modern environment of self-fulfilment and development for medical professionals, with the ultimate goal to provide excellent services to our local and international community.
We implement this mission by:

1. Educating medical professionals in over 30 quality courses in Polish and English language, in the capacity of a public university.
2. Conducting scientific experiments and research projects into all disciplines relating to human health and well-being of populations, and publishing the effects of these investigations.
3. Providing daily public medical services to patients in 6 major clinical centers and a hospice located in Poznan, putting into practice the latest advancements in medicine and cutting-edge equipment for the benefit of the patients.
4. Developing a network of international partner institutions: schools and research centers, hospitals, professional organizations and government institutions in order to maintain the highest, most up-to-date standards and know-how.
5. Supporting our faculty, students and alumni, doctors and hospital staff in their everyday work and challenges.

Intresseområden: Studera utomlands, Apotekare, Forskare, Friskvård och hälsopedagogik, Fysioterapi och rehablitering, Hälsa & sjukvård, Hälsovetenskap, Läkare, Medicin, Studera utomlands, Tandläkare, Tandvård