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Sciences Po Bordeaux

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Sciences Po Bordeaux is an autonomous higher Education Institution that delivers a Master's degree after five years of Studies. The BA cycle puts an emphasis on Wrtiing & Rhetorics as well as the fundamentals of human and social sciences. At the Master's level, Sudents choose a specialisation focusing on professional trainings (internship, research).

Sciences Po Bordeaux houses two internationaly recognised Research centers : Les Afriques dans le Monde (LAM) and Le Centre Emile Durkheim (CED). Sciences Po Bordeaux has celebrated its 70 Birthday in November 2018 in a new Building inuagurated in December 2016.

Sciences Po Bordeaux is one of the French Institute of Political Studies with the most international Students, binational double diplomas and all second year students go abroad on an academic mobility for one year.

Bordeaux is the capital city of the new big Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine and welcome about 100 000 Students (among 250 000 inhabitants in the historic city heart). World capital for wine, Bordeaux is also an important economic area: the aerospace,electronic,health, foof-processing, wood/paper and wine industries are the pillars of a diversified business activity area. Bordeaux is ideally situated: 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, 2 hours from the Pyrénées and Spain, 2 hours from Paris by train. In 2017, Bordeaux was awarded Best travel destination Top City in the World.
Campus life is very rich with more than 50 clubs at Sciences Po Bordeaux and all staff members and Faculty share a strong will of respect for others, their work and the environment in which they live.
Worldwide cultures and social diversity can be discovered and Sciences Po Bordeaux former Student's network (Alumni) is very active to strengthen the constant Institute development.

Intresseområden: Studera utomlands, Administration, Ekonomi, Franska, Historia, Journalistik, Juridik, Management och ledarskap, Nationalekonomi, Socialt inriktade utbildningar, Sociologi, Studera utomlands, Statsvetenskap