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University of Suffolk

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The University of Suffolk is a forward thinking, cohesive, and student centred academic community. Being one of the newest in the UK, the University of Suffolk is not restricted by tradition and embraces change, to produce graduates who can easily adapt to a changing world. Taking advantage of its size, the University of Suffolk offers a more personal experience, where you will be a name and not a number. Smaller classes will give you excellent access to our expert tutors. The University of Suffolk is a student-centred higher education institution that strives to provide its students with the highest standards in teaching and learning, as well as high quality support and advice.

Programmes are spread across four academic schools:

• School of Health and Sports Sciences
• School of Social Sciences and Humanities
• School of Engineering, Arts, Science and Technology
• Suffolk Business School

Intresseområden: Arkitektur, Biologi, Biomedicin, Dans, Datateknik, Design/konst, Engelska, Eventproduktion, Film, Foto, Grafisk design, Historia, Hälsa och samhälle, Idrott, Juridik, Kost, Litteraturvetenskap, Marknadsföring, Miljö, Nationalekonomi, Omvårdnad, Psykologi, Redovisning, Samhällsvetenskap, Sjuksköterska, Sociologi, Spelutveckling, Webbdesign, Viltvård och jakt