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onsdag 29 mars
08:30 - 14:00
Saco, Lilla Nygatan 14, Stockholm

New times, new taxes?

Financing state and welfare in a globalized world – a seminar on a global minimum tax for multinational companies in the EU countries.


In December 2022 the Directive on ensuring a global minimum taxation was adopted, to ensure a global minimum rate of taxation for multinational groups and large domestic groups in the Euopean Union. This initiative is based on a G20/OECD proposal to guarantee a 15 percent effective corporate tax rate and curb aggressive tax planning and tax competition between countries.  

The next step is the transposition of the Directive into national law for each Member State which raises new questions and challenges that need to be addressed in the coming years. What’s in the reform for workers and communities? Can it effectively curb aggressive tax planning in a globalized world? Are additional measures necessary?   

The Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations, Saco, together with the EU Tax Observatory, therefore invites you to a seminar on this topic. 

The event will be moderated by Simon Vinge, Chief Economist, Union for Professionals ASSR.

Practical information

Please register to participate in the seminar by 24th of March. The registration form can be found below. The event will also be livestreamed on Saco Play.

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Part 1: Taxing Multinationals – Implications and the Role of Sweden

8:30 Registration & coffee
9:15 Welcome, Göran Arrius, president of Saco
9:20 Emil Bustos, economist at the Research Institute of Industrial Economics, IFN, presents the report “New times, new taxes”

Panel Discussion

  • Mikael Damberg, former minister of Finance, vice chair of the Swedish Parliament's Committee on Finance and economical spokesman for the Swedish social democrats
  • Göran Arrius, president Saco
  • Séverine Picard, Coordinator of the Network of Unions for Tax Justice
  • Edward Riedl, Moderaterna, chairman of the Swedish Parliament's Committee on Finance
  • Claes-Mikael Ståhl, vice general secretary, European Trade Union Confederation ETUC
  • Elinor Odeberg, chief economist, Arena Idé


Light lunch

Part 2: Revenue Estimates

12:30 Presentation: “Revenue Estimates from the Two-Pillar Proposal” by Mona Barake (EU Tax Observatory)
13:00 Presentation by Pierce O’Reilly (OECD)
13:30 Presentation by Shafik Hebous (Deputy Division Chief Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF)


Publicerad: 2023-02-28

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